Vaginoplasty Surgery

VAGINAL OPENING BEFORE VAGINOPLASTYVAGINOPLASTY SURGERY - The patient delivered 4 babies through the vagina. Two were delivered with the vacuum. Vaginal deliveries not only tear the fascia in the anterior wall (under the bladder, causing a cystocle) and posterior walls ( under the rectum, causing a rectocele) of the vagina but also they weaken , separate and tear the muscles at the opening of the vagina, leaving a gaping opening.

Even before the patient has the symptoms of a fallen bladder, (incomplete emptying, frequency, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, hesitancy , even obstruction and protrusion through the vagina) and symptoms of a fallen rectum ( fecal and flatus incontinence, dificulty having bowel movements and protusion through the vagina) she may have a feeling of heaviness. During intercourse because of the torn tissue the vagina has enlarged in diameter and losses the sensation of friction and stimulation that it had before the vaginal deliveries.