Minimally Invasive Surgery


Procedure Description:

Surgical Approach performed to decrease patients pain

What To Expect:

Small incisions in the abdomen for Laparoscopic Surgery and surgery through the vaginal route. This will give minimal pain, fast recovery and the best cosmetic outcome.

What are the benefits?

Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery (MIS), bandaid surgery, keyhole surgery is a modern surgical technique in which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions (usually 0.5–1.5 cm) as compared to larger incisions needed in traditional surgical procedures. Keyhole surgery uses images displayed on TV monitors for magnification of the surgical elements. Laparoscopic surgery includes operations within the abdominal or pelvic cavities, whereas keyhole surgery performed on the thoracic or chest cavity is called thoracoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery belong to the broader field of endoscopy.