HYMENOPLASTY – The hymen is very thin structure that separates the vagina from the outside world.

It is a very thin, sometimes paper thin doughnut like structure with different size openings in the middle.

this is the structure that is torn when a female has sex for the first time. This structure may also be torn through different activities like putting tampons in, and any activity that puts heavy pressure in the opening of the vagina.

at the time do the hymen being torn there is usually bleeding . The bleeding can be from a few drops to hemorrhaging to the point of needing surgery.

It can tear in 1 area or multiple areas.

Once there it tears the remnants heal with scars and after multiple episodes of intercourse it no longer bleed.

Victims of rape, abuse or molestation may wish to repair the hymen. Widowed women may also wish to have a hymenoplasty, repair of the hymen, when they remarry , as a gift to their new husband.

The repair of the hymen is known as a hymenoplasty. It is a delicate procedure that is performed  with microsurgical technique. Few surgeons know how to repair the hymen. The blood supply to the hymen is minimal and this is why special techniques are necessary

For the procedure to be successful.

Dr. Menchaca in his 25 years of practice as an, Urogynecologist and pelvic reconstruction surgeon has performed  over 200 hymenoplasties.

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